Editors are the major hero of the movie, behind screen! They plan, cut, reshape, formulate and sculpture the movie. The sole and the essence of the the film is based on editing! We, have extreamly skilled experienced and creative editors who had won accolades for their performance. We are priviledged in delivering quality products all through our journey.


The sound triggers the soul from within! We, in Venus we talk through music and through our behind voices! Audio engineering is one keen arena where experiments, matching and emotions play together! With our Eminent Engineers with us, we commuicate through music too! Recording is done digitally on a multi-track recording facility and we offer a high-quality, professional service.


We involve in Rotoscope and matte cutting, Crowd Multiplication, Stereoscopic 3D Conversion, 3D Asset Building & Texturing, Compositing, Opening Title Animation, etc. We create  television content, feature animated films, high quality visual effects for live films, advertisements and other short-form media. We offer lighting & 3D Special Effects for movies, television shows, TV commercials, character animation, video games, music, live performance, and other media.

Post Production

Post production changes the intention of the movie. The task includes editing of raw footage to cut scenes, insert effects, match voice and sound actors and dubbing. This is a final step in film creation. So the post production operates on a non linear editing system. It includes composition of music with the video. The process is typically refered as mixing and involve equalization and adjusting the optimal experience.